Rules, Consequences…..& Rewards!!!!

Our classroom will be structured towards the use of procedures rather then rules. Giving the students procedures to follow limit the need for rules. There will still be some basic universal rules in the class:

Respect others personal space.

Clean up after yourself.

No yelling or throwing objects.

Use materials appropriately.

We will use a five-step consequence ladder to address behavior issues which may arise; Verbal warning, Phone call home, Break and refection, Lunch detention, Referral. First the student will be given a verbal warning about the behavior. The 2nd time the undesirable behavior occurs, the student is given a break and some-time to reflect on their actions. After a 3rd action resulting the same behavior, the student’s parents will be notified through a phone call. A 4th occurrence of the behavior will result in a lunch or recess detention. The last tier results in an office referral in which we will invite the parents to join school staff in a meeting to discuss corrective measures.

Rewards are based on the concept of the STAR system. Students start with a green card each day. If a student’s behavior must be addressed, the card is changed to yellow. Continued undesirable actions will result in a red card. Students who earn a daily green card get a point at the end of the day. When a student earns 5 points they may pick a reward. The rewards may be a healthy treat, a homework pass, or extra time at recess. When a student earns 20 points they may sit in the teachers chair for the day. The choice is the students if they want to move the chair to their desk or to sit at the teacher’s desk. Points are only earned, never taken away.

Rules, Consequences…..& Rewards!!!!

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